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Mu Online Season 14

Mu Online is opening in 2.August!

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The New Class: Rune Wizard

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 9.August, join the thousands online!.

TOP Rankings
1Grand MasterLain600Raklion
2High ElfRiffana600Raklion
3High ElfKoKa600Raklion
4Blade MasterZeta600Raklion
5Lord EmperorNvrZen600Lorencia Bar
6Grand MasterDiavlo600Raklion
7High ElfRoxy591Aida
8Blade MasterXxoswaldxX585Lorencia Bar
9Lord EmperorOctavio580Lorencia Bar
10Duel MasterMGoS515LostTower
11Grand MasterSaruman513Lorencia Bar
12Lord Emperorinsectro502Raklion
13Blade MasterJordiENP501Lorencia
14High ElfGiGi468Lorencia
15Duel MasterFernanD445Lorencia
16High ElfYessica434Lorencia
17Fist MasterCHOLORF413Raklion
18Fist MasterKilluaGM402Valley of Loren
19Grand MasterADMPlayeR401Lorencia
20Dark LordBobDylan400Lorencia
21Dark LordLord400Raklion
22Dark LordSS33400Raklion
23Dark KnightSinCodigo400Raklion
24Soul MasterNazio400Lorencia Bar
25Dimension MasterTestSUM400Lorencia