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Mu Online Season 14

Mu Online is opening in 2.August!

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The New Class: Rune Wizard

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 9.August, join the thousands online!.

TOP Rankings
1Blade KnightGens DuprianTumaPrivate0Blood Castle 7
2Muse ElfGens VanertDALLYPrivate0Aida
3Grand MasterGens VanertDiavloPrivate0Devias
4Lord EmperorGens VanertinsectroPrivate0Doppelganger
5High ElfGens DuprianTatianaPrivate0Crywolf Fortress
6Dark LordGens DuprianLestGoPrivate0Duel Arena
7Muse ElfGens DuprianDemonicPrivate0Aida
8Muse ElfGens DuprianLaMalditaPrivate0Aida
9Bloody SummonerGens DuprianLaPeladaPrivate0Karutan 2
10Soul MasterGens DuprianDartedPrivate0Dungeon